• Chapelle de Penvins

    10 Route de la Chapelle, 56370 Sarzeau, France .

    This Chapel is an historic monument situated on the "presqu'île de Rhuys". It is the last bastion before the atlantic ocean.

  • Château de Suscinio

    Château de Suscinio, Route du Duc Jean V, 56370 Sarzeau, France .

    The castle was built at the end of the Middle Ages, and has been classified historic monument in1840.

  • Celt Aventure

    56370 Rue du Ménez, Sarzeau, France .

    If you fancy discovering the legends from Brittany, Celt Aventure is the best place. They offer a variety of outdoor activities.

  • Centre Nautique

    Center Nautique De Sarzeau, 12 Route de la Chapelle, 56370 Sarzeau, France .

    Thanks to this center, you will be able to enjoy different water activities like Paddle, Kayak, sailing...